PSI TEA Brand Story

Healthier and happier days with PSI TEA.
Brighten your days with the gifts of nature and find your own style.

Awaken Nature in Your Water Bottles.


How about enjoying coldbrew like a spring water tea?


Inner Beauty Begins with Healthy Body.

Eco Care

The cap is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.


Good roots spurs fitness to flowers and fruits in Nature.


Drink your choice of health anytime in the office, on the road, or during a workout


FDA-tested products and HACCP processed.

PSI stands for Personal Style Infusion with Power of Saponin and Inulin

What are PSI TEA and PSI TEA Cap ?

Are you a busy tea lover struggling to just sit and wait until your tea is perfectly brewed?
Do you find yourself always over-steeping your tea and left with bitterness?
Have you ever thought that you would have enjoyed a good cup of tea if the weather wasn’t so hot?

Here’s our question for you: Why not cold brewing tea on the road?

We present to you PSI TEA Cap, a portable tea-brewing cap. With a bottle of water and PSI TEA cap filled with our custom-made tea leaves, you can awake nature in your everyday life.

We invite you to a PSI TEA time.

Korean Water Tea Story

In mountainous areas with rich soil and clear water,
people in Korea have learned to use a variety of natural ingredients to brew tea with a leaf, a fruit, a flower or a grain.

With a simple cup of tea, nature can become part of your everyday life.

How to enjoy PSI TEA

“10분 이상 우리고

더 진하게 마시고 싶으면

여러번 뒤집어 우리세요.”

  • Flip the bottle upside down and infuse for minimum 10 minutes. Wait longer for a stronger flavor.
  • Stand the bottle upright. Make sure to empty the cap of water before uncapping by slanting the bottle for 2-3 seconds.
  • Better taste with extra cool: Put it in refrigerator overnight and use accordingly.
  • Depending on the size of the bottle or the brewing time, you can use the same cap twice. Alternatively, you can replace the tea leaves with a different flavor.
  • Dish washable and reusable
  • Do not use with hot water above 122°F
  • When using with sparkling water, empty 1/3 of the bottle before use to obtain the right air pressure.