K-doraji Products

Let me introduce our representative root tea ‘K-doraji’ product made with strict standards.

K-doraji Yakchung

– Korean Premium Natural Tea Concentrate -100% Bellflower Root Extract
Premium quality concentrate of doraji 100%

– Natural Sweet in taste, with mildly bitterness in aftertaste

  • Ingredients : doraji and water
  • Product Type : Tea drink

K-doraji Danchung

– Korean Natural Sweet Tea Concentrate : Bellflower Root Extract

– Sweet doraji concentrate blended with healthy probiotic oligosaccharides

– Sweet in taste, with a hint of bitterness in scent

  • Composition : doraji, a prebiotic oligosaccharides, omijia extract, water
  • Product Type : Tea drink

K-doraji Hwangchosoo

– Honey Vinegar Drink 80ml of Bellflower Root Concentrate Drink

– Premium quality beverage made with doraji and, honey

-Mildly sweet in taste with medium-level bitterness in aftertaste

  • Ingredients : doraji, honey, a prebiotic oligosaccharides, omijia fruit, water
  • Product Type : Tea drink

K-doraji Omisoo

– Korean Fruit Omija Berry Drink  (80ml pouches of Bellflower Root Concentrate with Omija Berry)

– Thirst quenching beverage with a good Fruity Taste

– Natural sweetness and fresh omija fruit taste blended with prebiotic oligosaccharides

  • Ingredients : doraji , oligosaccharides, omijia sugar extract, fresh omijia, water
  • Product Type : Beverage

K-doraji powder

– Mix 1~2 teaspoon of the powder into a cup of warm water, milk or yogurt.

– Please consider a daily intake of 25 ~ 50g of fresh doraji or 2.~ 8g of powdered forms on baking.