K-doraji Brand Story

K-doraji brings to you the joy of natural healing and revitalization of your every day.

Awaken Nature for Refreshing Days

Korean traditional tea

Koreans are one's favorite football roots of herbal tea

Clean Ingredients

Natural farming that does not use pesticides

New Experience

A new way to enjoy medicinal herbs everyday

Health Benefits

A powerful root to clean inflammation and keep fit and slim

No artificial additives

No fructose, sugar, or preservatives included

K-doraji is the Korean name for Platycodon (Bellflower root, Balloon flower root).

K-doraji Story

In mountainous areas with rich soil and clear water, people in Korea have learned to use a variety of natural ingredients such as flowers, fruits and grains as well as leaves to brew tea.

In a simple cup of tea, nature can become a part of your life caretaker everyday.

Story and Benefits of Doraji

1. Traditional Heritage

A common food ingredient in Korea and other parts of Northeast Asis.

A well-known medicinal herb in China, Korea, and Japan.

A nature cough drop that clears lungs of mucus.

Anti-inflammatory effects that control gastritis or enteritis.

2. Science Update

Boost your repiratory and digestive health. The strong anti-inflammatory and immune benefits comes from natural Platycodin saponins and FOS inulins in doraji

High quality dietary fibers, proteins, w-6 fatty acids, and minerals

Safe for children and pregnant women

The root shapes similar to a ginseng root but differs in functions and growing soils.
Doraji, a saponin Platycosides, grows in sunny hills, cooling inflammation down and balancing digestive health as a prebiotics.
Ginseng, a saponin Ginsenosides, grows un shady areas, boosting your circulatory system and giving off heat in general.